Harnessing AI and No-Code Tools for SEO

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Key areas covered by the workshop:

  1. Introduction to AI in SEO: Briefly explain how AI technologies are transforming SEO practices, focusing on recent advancements and their practical applications in the field.
  2. Overview of No-Code Tools: Introduce the concept of no-code tools and their significance in automating routine tasks, highlighting their accessibility and ease of use for non-technical users.
  3. Google Sheets as an SEO Tool: Demonstrate how Google Sheets can be a powerful tool for SEO tasks. Cover basic to advanced features like data import/export, custom formulas, and integration with other tools.
  4. Automating SEO Tasks with Google Sheets
  5. AI-Powered Content Analysis: Illustrate how AI can assist in analyzing content quality, relevance, and SEO potential.
  6. Case Studies and Practical Examples: Share real-world examples and case studies where AI and Google Sheets have been successfully employed to improve SEO strategies.
  7. Interactive Session: Include a hands-on session where participants can apply these concepts to a mock project or their own websites.
  8. Q&A and Discussion: End the workshop with a Q&A session, allowing participants to discuss their experiences and ask specific questions related to their SEO challenges.





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Mihai Vinatoru

CEO, DWF Romania

Mihai co-founded DWF, a leading digital marketing agency in Romania with a strong SEO, PPC and Data Analytics capabilities. Their focus is on increasing online visibility, relevant traffic, and revenue for the clients. With a team of 100 experts, they provide results-driven solutions to clients. Outside of work, Mihai is passionate about chess, reading memoirs and science fiction books, hitting the slopes for some skiing, and constantly learning new things in various topics. As a husband and father of three, he balances professional and personal pursuits with a strong commitment to family.

Proč jít na školení?


Stay Ahead in a Competitive Field: This workshop will equip you with cutting-edge AI and no-code tools, setting you apart from the competition and keeping you at the forefront of industry advancements.


Enhance Efficiency and Productivity: Learn how to automate routine SEO tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategy and creative aspects of your work.


Solve Real-World Challenges: Bring your own SEO challenges and get the chance to discuss and find solutions during the workshop. The interactive Q&A and case studies mean you'll gain insights relevant to your specific needs and walk away with actionable solutions.

Potřebné znalosti

Before joining our workshop, a fundamental grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. This includes a basic understanding of key SEO elements such as keywords, backlinks, and on-page optimization. Such knowledge is crucial for comprehending the more sophisticated topics that will be covered during our training sessions. Additionally, participants should possess a basic proficiency in using spreadsheet software, particularly Google Sheets. Skills in creating, editing, and formatting spreadsheets, along with an understanding of fundamental functions and formulas, will be advantageous.

Moreover, an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology is highly beneficial for our workshop attendees. While expertise in these areas is not a prerequisite, an elementary understanding and enthusiasm for how AI and technology can optimize various tasks will greatly enhance the learning experience. This background will allow participants to fully engage with and appreciate the workshop content, which focuses on the intersection of technology, AI, and practical applications in our field.

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