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Expansion Strategy to Foreign Markets

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Milan Fiala & Thea Zinner

Country Manager for Germany | SEO Manager Germany

Milan & Thea work at eVisions Advertising. Both are engaged in international online marketing, especially in the German speaking countries. Milan is a teamleader of consultants with specialization for German Online Marketing. His main role is to create and consult Online Expansion Strategies with both b2c and b2b clients. Thea has successfully consulted and led several SEO projects for small and medium enterprises, as well as for corporate clients from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Proč jít na školení?


You will get practical instructions for development of an expansion strategy to foreign markets


You will know the useful tools that will facilitate the expansion process into foreign markets


You will create your own expansion strategy for the project of your choice


You will be able to increase the probability of a faster ROI of the expansion to foreign markets

Co se naučíte?

The participants will learn how to create an online expansion strategy into foreign markets. We will start with a selection of the proper foreign market for expansion and a market analysis. Then the keyword analysis will follow, even if you are not fully proficient in the native language of the chosen country. We will move to the competition analysis, focusing on product portfolio, web presentation, pricing and online marketing channels.

Finally, we will together develop an expansion strategy, including a timeline of expansion and a framework strategy for online marketing.

The workshop will be full of practical examples, the participants will be able to create the expansion strategy on their own. The workshop will focus on b2c projects within the EU.

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