Marketing Unusual -
Things we should and shouldn't do

More often than not marketing is about choices which will strengthen the brand and improve the market. But as everything else marketing exists as part of the business, so sometimes the fundamentals needs and ambition of marketing is tied to something bigger.

With the shift in marketing and a new reality built on data and AI, these choices suddenly become much more important, because both the impact and the risks grow everyone.

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Steen Rasmussen

Co-founder, Director of Data Innovation at IIH Nordic

Steen Rasmussen is one of Denmark’s most experienced online business profiles and presenters within website optimisation. He is the national representative of the Digital Analytics Association and has 10 years of practical experience with online optimisation of websites and web analytics – references range from strong Nordic brands such as Vestas and Ericsson to international profiles like Oracle and Johnson & Johnson.

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Feb 20-22, 2024
Janacek Theatre, Brno

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