Customer Journey to Nowhere: The Funny Side of Customer Engagement

New technology gives us the ability to deliver more consistent and creative customer experiences than ever before. So why does customer engagement so often fall flat? Many brands still follow a Mad Men-era playbook that can create even greater distance between brands and customers.

We’ve all felt the pain of customer engagement that doesn’t work — customer journeys that break, consumer data without insight, attempts at personalization that misfire. A sense of humor can help us probe those pain points and explore how to become better marketers.

With his cartoons, Tom will parody the state of customer experience and explore the change in mindset required to transform it. Topics will include:

1) Technology Alone Cannot Deliver Engagement,

2) Avoiding Customer Funnel Vision,

3) Bad Personalization is Worse Than No Personalization,

4) Being Data-Driven, Not Data-Blinded,

5) Marketing is Too Important To Be Left to The Marketing Department

Date and Time

Thu 09:20—09:50



Tom Fishburne

Creator of Marketoonist

From a cartoon sent to coworkers in 2002, Tom’s Marketoonist series has grown by word of mouth to reach half a million readers every week. Chronicling the changes in marketing for over 20 years, his cartoons have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and the New York Times. In 2010, Tom expanded Marketoonist into a marketing studio focused on the unique medium of cartoons, working with more than 200 businesses, including Google, IBM, LinkedIn, and Adobe.

Tom draws literally and figuratively from two decades in the marketing trenches in the US and Europe, including roles at HotelTonight, Method, General Mills, and Nestle. He currently lives near San Francisco, but started his marketing career in the Czech Republic after college, selling magazine advertising in Prague.

Tom is the author of “Your Ad Ignored Here: Cartoons from 15 Years of Marketing, Business, and Doodling in Meetings.”

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Feb 20-22, 2024
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