Marketing Festival 2015

Digital Marketing Event

26th—28th Nov 2015, Brno, Czech Republic

2015 will look

Specialized Lectures

Specialized Lectures

We personally vouch for each and every speaker we’ve chosen. We attend conferences all over the world to find not only speakers worth listening to, but also topics you won’t get a chance to hear about anywhere else.

Unique Case Studies

Unique Case Studies

Theory is great and all, but nothing beats practice. Case studies from both the Czech Republic and abroad are going to be an important part of the program again. And, as usual, you’ll be the first audience on the planet to hear about them!

Useful Workshops

Useful Workshops

We’re not very fond of speaking in general. Specific and ready-to-use – that’s exactly what these intensive sessions are about. They’ll take place on Thursday, November 26, apart from the main program.

Festival Atmosphere

Festival Atmosphere

Some things just can’t be expressed in words. Good thing we have this video. Once again we’ve been working on something really special. And don’t be mad, but we’re going to keep this one a secret for a little while longer."

Remember the best moments

Last year our festival-goers submitted 57 excellent reviews. And not a single one of them negative. As the saying goes, though, “third time’s the charm”. And, as a lot of you know, we have a mild addiction to raising the bar and challenging ourselves!

There are quite a few world-renowned digital marketing conferences: PubCon, SMX, MozCon and SASCon, to name a few


Workshops at the Marketing Festival were packed with visitors thirsty for new, practical knowledge.

#mktfest is a damn good conference. Note-to-self: don't miss the 2015 one!

Raul Siderias

"Honestly, #mktfest is the best conference I have ever attended to!"

Michal Pařízek

Marketing Festival really stood out with the level of preparedness and organization that the MF team worked hard to achieve. I would compare it to the MozCon event and put it in my top 3 marketing conference events.#

Marketing Festival truly lives up to its slogan “World-Class Digital Marketing Event.”

The event is stationed in the Czech Republic, a country that lies in the heart of Europe: a land of mesmerizing castles

Nevyana Karakasheva

"The best way to describe Marketing Festival is like university Freshers Week."

Jack Johnson

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The plans for
#mktfest 2015
are gaining momentum, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.
Although we could, of course, send you… let’s say… an email now and then to give you the inside scoop.