Will Robots Take Over PPC? What the Future of the Industry Looks Like.

Frederick Vallaeys

Will Robots Take Over PPC? What the Future of the Industry Looks Like.

Automation and artificial intelligence is everywhere these days but how will it impact the PPC industry and our careers? Hear from one of Google's early employees and Silicon Valley insider about how the future is shaping up, and what trends to prepare for. Fred was on the team at Google that created Quality Score so you can expect to come away with new and unique insights into how machine learning impact QS and what that means for your ad campaigns. Learn how bid management is changing in light of new innovations in artificial intelligence. Learn how you can thrive by leveraging tools, automations, scripts, and all the latest new technology. Get an insider look into what's happening in the Silicon Valley and what it may mean for the future of our world.

Frederick Vallaeys

He knows everything there is to know about AdWords. Frederick belongs among the greatest stars in the PPC world. One of the first employees of Google, he's spent ten years dealing with the development of AdWords. Frederick is now a co-owner of Optmyzr; a subsidiary company of AdWords.


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