The Invisible Giant that Mucks Up Our Marketing

Rand Fishkin

The Invisible Giant that Mucks Up Our Marketing

When the decisions we make – about which channels to invest in, where to spend, what to build, who to target – turn out sub-optimal, we look for answers in the data. We pivot our tactics. We seek out alternate solutions. But what if there are forces beyond visibility? Ones we can't see in numbers? Ones that bias our thinking and shape our defaults in ways that lock away potential insight and progress? In this presentation, Rand will explore the cognitive biases and cultural pressure that create logical fallacies in our marketing brains. He'll show paths through, and ways to uncover value, tactical and strategic, by removing the impediments that lock out too many great ideas and powerful opportunities. And as always, he'll have some actionable ideas for your SEO, social, content, and paid campaigns.

Rand Fishkin

On top of being a renowned expert on search, Rand has a pretty impressive streak of business ventures as well – most notably, he founded and built the successful SEO empire of Moz. These days, he can usually be found educating marketers across the globe and helping startups grow.

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