The Future of PPC Marketing in 2016 and Beyond

Larry Kim

The Future of PPC Marketing in 2016 and Beyond

The future of search advertising at first glance looks bleak. Competition and CPCs keep rising, ad inventory is flat and in some cases shrinking, ad blockers are ruining ROI, etc. It’s kind of a bummer, yet the future of PPC is bright, albeit much different from what we’ve seen in the past. In this keynote presentation, Larry Kim will cover the 5 biggest trends that are radically changing the future of PPC marketing and how marketers must quickly adapt their strategies and tactics to win at PPC marketing in 2016 and beyond.

Larry Kim

You can find his name on Forbes’ list of TOP 10 most influential online marketing experts, and the PPC Hero blog even declared him the most influential PPC expert in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Larry Kim! This leading PPC expert and CEO of WordStream has exclusive access to a huge volume of data thanks to his software for AdWords campaign management. And the good news is that he’s not afraid to speak about it! So you can add Larry’s extremely useful speech to your list of things to look forward to.

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