Right Research, Right Value

Kim Goodwin

Right Research, Right Value

Swirl. Churn. Thrash. Whatever word you use, you’ve experienced it: the slow, painful process of making (and remaking) decisions, whether they're about defining the right customer value propositions or just fine-tuning that bit of home page copy. Everyone has an opinion, and the most-senior one usually wins. Designers, marketers and product managers all know data is a better way to get there, but which data? You can’t use metrics on something that doesn’t exist yet, and so much up-front market research gathers dust on a shelf. Kim will discuss how proper formative research techniques can get your team aligned around the same value propositions and the same opportunities to improve the customer journey, even if you don’t have a big research budget. Kim’s talk will help you plan more effective formative research, get the most out of every session, and figure out as a team where to go next. No more arm-wrestling over decisions. No more expensive but useless reports.

Kim Goodwin

Kim has more than 20 years of experience in the field of interaction design and her book, 'Designing for the Digital Age', has become a go-to bible for designers worldwide. Her clients and employers have included everything from one-man startups to the world’s largest companies.


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