Enhancing creative content with neuroscience

Dr. Bradley Vines

Enhancing creative content with neuroscience

It’s no longer enough just to make good ads and we all know that. In this cluttered media and advertising space, we have to make great ads in order to succeed. The standard approaches to content testing can help to eliminate weaker advertising, but they may not provide clarity about how to improve. With consumer neuroscience tools, it becomes possible not only to determine whether an ad is good or bad, but also to pinpoint how to make it even better. These are methods built on decades of academic research and refined for global commercial use. In this talk, we will discuss what advantages consumer neuroscience methods offer, how to avoid pseudo-neuroscience solutions, as well as a case study demonstrating these tools. You will walk away with a much deeper understanding of your consumer (and yourself)!

Dr. Bradley Vines

It's easy to come upon someone pretending to be an expert in Neuromarketing. With Dr. Vines though, that's really not the case – he's the Director of Neuroscience Europe at Nielsen. Bradley will share the results of Nielsen's most cutting-edge research on consumer behaviour and also a few juicy case studies.


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