Data, Customers & the art of applying Psychology

Bart Schutz

Data, Customers & the art of applying Psychology

You're data-driven and customer-centric; you're good! You're exploiting your a/b-testing bandwidth for evidence-based growth; You're even better! Bart - a worldwide renown consumer psychologist - will take you from there to a next level. As Bart says "Data = Consumer Behaviour, a Consumer = a Brain, and A/B-testing = Science". Join Bart on his mind-blowing trip through your customers conscious and subconscious brain processes, emotions and decisions. Backing up his often counter intuitive insights with lots of data & experiments, he will show you how applying Psychology wil boost your Marketing efforts and delight your customers.

Bart Schutz

Bart is consumer psychologist and one of the few international leading voices on online persuasion and consumer behaviour. He has both academic, as well as over 15 years of strategical & practical experience in creating more effective and persuasive online dialogues. Bart is co-founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at, author of the and inventor of the -evidence everything- based 'Brain Decision Matrix'.

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