An interview with Tom Roach and Grace Kite

Tom Roach, Grace Kite

An interview with Tom Roach and Grace Kite

Tom Roach

“Tom is a unique individual because he is an expert in effectiveness but uses it to help brands be more creative rather than be inhibited because of it”. That’s a quote from Colenso BBDO’s Head of Strategy, Rob Campbell and that’s saying something. With 20+ years’ experience in some of the world’s best communications agencies, Tom is one of the most awarded advertising strategists in the world, with multiple Gold IPA Effectiveness awards to his name.

Grace Kite

Grace is an experienced business economist and a big proponent of econometric / market mix modelling to answer the million dollar question – how do we prove our marketing & advertising impacts sales? She strives at all times to produce research that’s easy to understand, trust and use – a refreshing counterpart to industry’s often convoluted metrics and dashboards. Her work has also led to twelve IPA Effectiveness award winners plus a Cannes Grand Prix. Together with Tom Roach, they will build upon the teachings of Binet & Field, poke some of the most established industry clichés with a stick and offer a refreshing perspective on how to measure the impact of our work.

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