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Lectures and the direction of Marketing Festival

For digital marketers who don't want to be left behind. The lectures and workshops offer a balanced mix of what's most important in today's digital marketing.
Definitely! All the guests as well as the presenter will speak English.
For this year, we're preparing 9 lectures of world-class speakers, 3 parties and a series of English workshops.
Of course! For us, the success of previous Festivals is a big obligation and our goal for this year is to cherry-pick the very best and most important of today's digital marketing. That being said, we definitely won't repeat any lectures or workshops from the past.
We'll see. For the moment, we've only got space for either a lecture or a block of 3-4 case studies in our main agenda and we have yet to decide which one it will be. However, if we decide to go with case studies, there will be no call for papers this time around and we'll search for the best case studies ourselves.
All the lectures and some of the workshops will be in English.
We're trying to do things differently this time around and make the Festival more accessible and less cluttered with collateral. Most importantly though, we're aiming to have the best line-up we've ever had for this Festival. Here's a more detailed, behind-the-scenes look on the vision for this #mktfest.
Yes, but this time, only for the attendees. They won't be available for purchase on our video portal.
We'll publish the schedule on 4th September 2017.


On 14th March, 10.00 AM (GMT+1) sharp.
You can pay via bank transfer and receive an invoice, with your payment card, or even via PayPal. No matter which option you choose, you’ll always receive a tax document.
There's more and more demand for tickets to the Festival – last year, we sold our most of our tickets in 8 minutes, so we've put a new reservation system in place. When you put a ticket in the cart, a 10-minute time limit starts ticking away. Once you run out of time, the order gets cancelled. So even if the website claims all tickets have been reserved, some of them might become available again due to orders being cancelled.
There will be 1.700 tickets available.
There's plenty of reasons. Most importantly, we wanted to make the whole situation regarding ticket sale more transparent and simple.
Yes, you can do that until midnight, 7th November.
Yes, that's possible until 1st October with the refund being 80% of the original amount. After 1st October, you can only resell your ticket to someone else (see above).
Unlimited access to all lectures and parties, the possibility to register for paid workshops, amazing coffee and catering during the lectures and video recordings of lectures in Full HD.
We don't want to be unfair to our attendees. That being said, we don't offer any sort of discount to anyone.
"We are obliged to invoice you including the VAT, although you might be used to invoicing that excludes it. The reason is there is an exception in the case of educational events, and the tax has to be paid in the country where the event takes place (Art. 54 of the Council Directive 2006/112/EC). You can ask for a tax return afterwards at the Czech Tax Office in Prague. The main condition is that the VAT has to exceed 50 EUR in one year."


Three. First one will be the intro party on Wednesday, then on Thursday and finally, the biggest one will take place after lectures on Friday.
Of course. We'll be glad to meet you at the intro party or the Thursday party after workshops.
Oh yes. We're working hard to create an unforgettable evening full of great music in some of the finest venues Prague has to offer. More info on the programme coming soon!


They'll be different. First of all, there will be more to choose from, but more importantly, they will all have a different price tag. Thanks to that, we'll be able to offer a lot more variety!
We're not considering that possibility at the moment.
The venue is TBA at the moment.
Last year, about a third of the workshops were in English and for this year, it will be largely the same.


Yes, there is a parking lot for 1.000 cars available at the venue.

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