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Marketing Festival and the lectures

For digital marketers who don't want to be left behind. The lectures and workshops offer a balanced mix of what's most important in today's digital marketing.
This Festival will be split into three days: Wednesday 20th March 2019 – An evening get-together party for attendees (Venue TBA) Thursday 21st March 2019 – Workshop in the VŠEM university campus and other venues in Prague – An evening party (Venue TBA) Friday 22nd March 2019 – The main conference in Prague Congress Centre (Congress Hall) – A massive after-party for all attendees in the Congress Centre’s second largest hall
All the lectures and some of the workshops will be in English.
– 1 entry to all 3 afterparties – possibility to attend workshop(s) – excellent catering throughout the conference day – 1 entry to the main conference event in Prague Congress Centre on 22nd March – recordings from lectures in Full HD
Definitely! All the lecturers as well as the host will speak English.


Yes, you can do that until noon 18th March 2019.
Yes, that's possible until 1st February 2019 with the refund being 80% of the original amount. After 1st February, you can only resell your ticket to someone else (see above).
You can pay via bank transfer and receive an invoice, with your payment card, or even via PayPal. No matter which option you choose, you’ll always receive a tax document.


Since we don’t want to do sponsored workshops, all of the sessions will have a price tag, starting at 60 EUR.
The trainings sale will start on 19th February 2019.
In order to register for a training, you need to have a purchased ticket for Marketing Festival. You must also register for a training while logged into the account you’ve used to purchase this ticket.
Once logged in, you may register for one all-day training or one in the morning and/or one in the afternoon.
Unfortunately that is not possible. Each attendee must register for a training using their own Marketing Festival account.
All half-day trainings will be held in the VŠEM university campus. Venues for all-day trainings will be specified in the individual training’s page and in the emails you’ll receive upon registration.
Unfortunately not, due to technical reasons changes to already made registrations of trainings are not possible.


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