Complimentary Breakfast for Marketing Festival Regulars

Kick off your day with a special breakfast we've prepared for our loyal attendees. If you've been to the Marketing Festival at least 6 times, you're undoubtedly part of the core group that shares many memorable experiences. Join Jindřich to reminisce and launch another chapter of the festival in Brno. Breakfast is on us.

The doors of Rebelbean Vlněna will be open for you from 8:00 to 10:00. Moreover, the café is just a few steps from Clubca and about a 10-minute walk from NEWTON University, convenient if you're heading to workshops and training sessions afterward.

PS: We share a rich history, but are you exceptionally not planning to attend the festival this year? We all know it's a big loss. However, that doesn't change how much we appreciate your loyalty in past years, and we'd love to see you at breakfast anyway.








Rebel Bean

Vlněna (mapa)

Sold out

Feb 20-22, 2024
Janacek Theatre, Brno

Thank you

€420 (not including VAT)

And they’re gone! Didn’t get your ticket in time? Leave us your email and we’ll let you know if some become available!