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Practical Data-Driven Marketing Management

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Marek Kobulský

CTO & Co-Founder | Ecommerce-Academy.cz

Marek Kobulský is a Data Analyst turned CMO turned Co-Founder. In 6 years in digital marketing, he has presented difficult topics (attribution or lifetime value) in an accessible, easy-to-understand way, at countless international venues. Together with Milan Merglevský, they started Ecommerce-Academy.cz – company that delivers solutions to its clients as well as offers training in the form of workshops. Marek is also an enthusiastic pianist, having started playing the instrument at the age of 4.

Proč jít na školení?


Our approach to marketing mix optimization, cost allocation and platform management will be revealed.


Simple framework for monthly planning, sales & cost forecasting will be provided


You will learn how to use Customer Lifetime Value to its full potential in various communication channels


You will see the effect of attribution on your business and understand two different attribution views – retrospective & current


Marketing Maturity Model containing advanced analytics topics, and their priority at different stages of company lifecycle, will be presented


Attendees will gain access to our browser-based solutions to calculate attribution or customer lifetime value on their own data, as well as to unravel the impact of a recent difficult-to-interpret marketing campaign (incremental evaluation)

Co se naučíte?

The attendees will acquire a comprehensive, holistic approach regarding digital marketing optimization using automation, cloud-based data engineering and data-supported decision-making. Being a CMO has never been easier! The workshop will be a healthy mix of theory, clients' success stories and the ability to try our solutions on your own data.

Potřebné znalosti

Intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics, basic knowledge of different marketing channels, experience in planning/budgeting, desire to absorb new ideas and thoughts.

Doplňující informace

CEOs, CMOs, account managers, marketing specialists, data analysts.


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